Main Dealer Services

American Auto Transport is the right choice to handle all of your transport needs. We are able to provide transportation for single units or truck loads, whether regular or oversized. Transportation available to and from all auto auctions nationwide. Electronic sale purchases handled quickly and efficiently.
Access to thousands of trucks to get your cars home quicker. Ability to have trucks staged at auctions with one to two days notice. Dealer trade movements welcomed. Specializing in volume fleet movements.
How we calculate our transport rates? The rates are determined by two factors: the distance and the size of the vehicle to be transported.


Best rates

The 1st factor that determinates the rates is the distance between the starting point and the destination. We utilize the PC Miler software to determine total mileage.


Cost optimization

The 2nd factor is the size of the transported vehicle. The cost to transport a TrailBlazer or Sequoia is slightly higher than that of a Civic, Altima, or Avalon.


Transport insurance

Every transporter is governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and is required to maintain minimum amounts of liability insurance for protection of the public.


Cargo insurance

Every transporter is fully insured and maintains cargo insurance to cover any potential damage claims and other transportation-related troubles.


Quick pick-up

You will be advised of the schedule to pick-up and be given an ETA when the driver is assigned to your move. The driver will call ahead to arrange for pick-up and delivery.


Fast delivery

Normally depending on your first available date for shipping, it takes only a couple of days to load, and the delivery time is determined by the distance to be traveled.